The Web Filter acts as a second layer to filter users' browsing. It is responsible for the content filter and can only be used when HTTP / HTTPS Web access requests are forwarded by a Proxy server, before requesting data from the remote server, it redirects some information from the request (url, user and IP address for the Web Filter service.

Based on the information sent by the HTTP Proxy, the Web Filter service searches for a filter by category to which it applies, through the “Security Policies”. Depending on how the policies are configured, the Web Filter responds to the proxy if the request was allowed or blocked.

In this item we can manage the resource through the "Update" of the base of URLS of categories, define the "Blocking Message", apply "Login controls by domain for Google services" and also enable the integration of the secure search service "Safe" Search ”for the main web search engines,“ Google, Yahoo and Bing ”.

To access this screen, just select the option “Web Filter”.

Services - Web Filter

The screen below will appear:

Web Filter

 UTM by default provides 3 Web Filters:

  • Security Risk;
  • Productivity Loss;
  • Security Ethics.

The Web Filter screen has the following tabs:

Next we will analyze the components of the Profiles tab