In the Advanced tab, it's possible to set the limits of the packages per second in a connection.

IPv4 - Side Tabs - Advanced


Bellow is a description of the fields on the Advanced form:

IPv4 – Advanced

DoS Protection: With the DoS Protection box checked [] it's possible to limit the maximum quantity of packages per second in the Firewall, avoiding distributed attacks or traffic anomalies caused by possible malwares in the network.

  • Packet RateThe Packet Rate option sets up the Firewall in order to limit the connections to a maximum amount of packages per second.
  • Burst Rate: The Burst Rate option sets up the Firewall initially in order to allow a maximum quantity of packages per second without validating the Packet Rate to make the traffic control flexible in ocasional traffic peaks.


  • TCP MSS []: Allows the definition of a value that specifies the major quantity of data, in bytes, that a computer or communication device can receive in a single TCP segment.

This concludes the analysis of each panel. Next, we will analyze some examples of creating IPv4 policies.

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