In the [Properties] tab, it is mandatory to define a name and description for the policy and optionally can be defined Tags that help in the organization and facilitate the search for policies.

IPv6 - Side Tabs - Properties

This tab contains the panels:

Next, we will analyze the function of each panel field.


Below is a description of the function of each field on the form displayed in the [General] panel:

IPv6 – Properties - General

  • Name: Define name for policy;
  • DescriptionDefine description for policy;
  • Action: Determines the behavior of the policy in question, with the following possibilities:
    • Allow: As the name says, the Allow action serves to grant access and leave traffic free of blockages;
    • Deny: The Deny action blocks traffic but does not inform the source address that the service is being blocked. That is, in this scenario, for the address of the connection source, it is not possible to know if there is a firewall intercepting the connection or simply the service is not active;
    • Reject: The Reject action notifies the source address that the service has been blocked by a firewall, which sends an ICMP packet indicating that the service is inaccessible.
  • TagsThis option allows you to define Tags so that the administrator is able to use them as a “Filter” for his searches based on his definitions. By default, the system defines a “name” for Tags by type of resource in use enabled in the policy;
  • Policy GroupThrough this option it is possible to include the policy in question within a group of policies;
  • Traffic Monitor: When this option is checked[], the matching information from the sessions with the created policy, will be collected by the monitoring service.
  • Traffic Logging[]: This check box, if enabled, provides the option to generate the report for a particular policy.


Below is a description of the function of each form field displayed on the [Schedule] panel:

IPv6 – Properties - Schedule

  • Time[]: If the checkbox is selected, it determines whether the rule will apply on working days (“Business”), weekends (“Weekend”) or on any other object of the type "Time" that has been previously created;
  • Schedule[]If the checkbox is selected, it allows to determine if the rule will apply in relation to a “Period / Date” object that has been previously created.

Next, we will analyze the contents of the Connection tab.

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