Through the button “Clone Templates” it is possible to duplicate an existing Template. To clone Templates, follow the steps:

1. Select which Template (s) you want to clone. To select, just click with the mouse on the checkbox located next to the Template Name description. In selected packages the checkbox will change from gray to blue []. Ex.: Administrator Access;

Policy Templates - Template selection

2. In the action menu [], click on the option “Clone Templates”;

Policy TemplatesClone Templates

A message will appear asking if you want to clone the selected item:

Policy Templates - Template cloning message

If you want to cancel, click the [] button. To finish, click on the [] button. 

Package cloned successfully

The Policy Templates screen will appear again with the cloned package.

It's also possible to clone policies by clicking the Clone button []. When clicking, the following screen will appear:

Click "Confirm" and a confirmation message will show up []. The clone will have the same name, but with "-clone" next to it.

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