Through the option “Create Profile” it is possible to create a new Application Control profile. 

We will analyze the process of creating a profile in Application Control and also check the following sections:

To access, click on the actions menu [].

1. Click on the “Create Profile” option;

Application Control - Create Profile

2. The “Create Profile” screen will be displayed. In this panel it is possible to make the general configurations and define the permissions of the applications used in that profile.

Application Control - Create Profile


In "General" we have the following text boxes:

Application ControlGeneral

  • Name: Define a name for the profile. Ex.: Deny All Ads;
  • Description: Set a description for the profile. Ex.: Application Control to deny all ads.
  • Workers: Define a number of workers, or processes, by inspection profile. Please note that the field is preset as 1.

Application Control

"Application Control" determines the applications that will be allowed or denied access:

Application Control - Applications

To edit the applications, decide that the checkbox [] is enabled, then click the list applications [] button to manage how to authorize.

Application Control - Add Application

By selecting one of the icons on the left, as improved choices in the right panel.

For more information on the categories used by Application Control, see this page.

Choose the desired categories and then select Allow, Block or Disable. In the actions menu [], it is also possible to apply any of these options in all categories in Allow All, Block All and Disable All to disable them. Below is a brief description of the function of each action:

  • Allow: Access to applications classified with this category is allowed;
  • Block: Access to applications classified under this category is blocked;
  • Disable: This category is disabled, this means that Application Control will ignore it and will only consider applications in allowed or blocked categories..

In the example below, we will disable all advertisements.

To do so, select the desired category, in this example, we will select the option "ads":

Application Control - Add Application - "Ads" option selected

Determine the desired application and in the selection box, choose the option Deny [], as shown in the image below:

Application Control - Add Application - Denied items

In case it is necessary to make a configuration in all the items of a category, just select the desired option in the actions menu [] or in the selection box shown below:

Application Control - Add Application - All, Allow All and Deny All

When having an application with permission denied, the amount of applications denied and allowed will be displayed under the icon of its respective category on the left, as shown below:

Application Control - Add Application - 7 items denied and 99 allowed

Finally, if you want to cancel click the [] button. To finish editing the applications click on the [] button.

After having performed the previous processes, a summary of all allowed and denied applications will be displayed in the Applications field, as shown below:

Application Control - Applications - Applications allowed and denied

To complete this process, just click the [] button again.

Profile updated successfully

After saving, for the changes to take effect it will be necessary to access the command queue [] and apply the changes made. For more information on the command queue access the page: UTM - Command queue.

After performing these procedures, the settings will have been successfully configured.

Next, we are going to analyze how to delete profiles.

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