This command has the function of migrating the logs from the old Firewall structure to the new version. This command is performed in the background and its progress can be checked through the "status" attribute.

The migration service checks each batch of data if there is enough disk space, if a lack of space is detected, the migration is interrupted.

CLI - migrate-logsessions

How to use:

  • start: This attribute starts the log migration process;

CLI - migrate-logsessions start

  • stop: Serves to interrupt the migration process;

If you have already run the command "migrate-logsessions start" and you need to shut down or restart the server, it is recommended to run "migrate-logsessions stop" to prevent data from being compromised.

CLI - migrate-logsessions stop

  • delete: This command deletes entries in the database of old logs, it is possible to delete by date or delete all records.

CLI - migrate-logsessions delete

Below is an example of removing all records:

CLI - migrate-logsessions delete all

  • status: This attribute displays the current status of the migration, it is possible to track the progress when using it:

CLI - migrate-logsessions status

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