The main benefit of the batch provisioning function is the agility with which the administrator is able to implement and configure services and policies, using pre-defined settings in device templates and policy packages, as well as facilitating the process of approval and error checking in this process (in case of possible inconsistencies in the code for example). In addition to all these benefits, the batch provisioning process is relatively simple and transparent, and can easily be followed by the panel on the Provisioning tab through the progress bar and status icons.

Batch provisioning works using a CSV file as a template, it basically contains all fields in the Zero Touch Provisioning window and acts in the same way: Gathering all the information necessary for the implementation of a new device. 

After completing the CSV, the user simply needs to determine which template and policy package will be applied to this list of devices, after adding the devices to be provisioned, just wait for the receipt of the batch provisioning email and click on the confirmation link.

If any inconsistency is detected, the batch implementation is not performed, the confirmation email will only be received if the entire batch is in compliance on the Blockbit licensing portal and if the CSV file is correctly configured.

To perform batch provisioning, click on the actions menu [] and select the option “Add Batch Provisioning”;

Provisioning - Add Batch Provisioning

The window below will appear:

Add Batch Provisioning

Before completing the form, click [] to download the template in CSV.

 The CSV file is available according to the interface language. For example, if you have selected the language "Portuguese" when logging in, all CSV fields will be in this language (en-US).

The data of this model represents the fields of the form in Zero Touch Provisioning therefore, complete the CSV as needed and save it, there is no obligation for the file to be with the same name as when the download was made, just being necessary to configure it correctly and use the file extension (CSV).

When editing the CSV the field language, ntp server and timezone must use the correct information among those provided by GSM (see creation of single device). For example, the only supported languages are "pt_BR" or "en-US", if another value is added in this field, the file will be considered invalid.

For more information about the Time Zone syntax in CSV visit this page.

If you are using Microsoft Excel to edit the CSV file, you can use the "Get Text / CSV data" function to facilitate data interpretation. This feature uses delimiters as columns, making it easy to view the file.

When you are finished completing the CSV, click [] to upload the batch of devices.

Note that if the CSV is too long, it is natural that the system takes time to upload and read the file.

After uploading, make selections on the form as needed:

  • Device Template: Select the Device Template that will be applied to all appliances in the batch, if you need more information on how to create one see this page;
  • Policy Package: Select the Policy Package that will be applied to all appliances in the batch, if you need more information on how to create one, see this page.

As Custom Branding is part of the Device Template, it is possible to customize UTMs during this process.

 It is not necessary to select a Device Template and a Policy Package, it is mandatory to select at least one of them. If the user prefers to select only one of the two, provisioning will proceed normally.

After completing the form the window should look like the example below:

Add Batch Provisioning - Example

Click [] to batch provision or [] to close the window.

Provisioning is only possible when the clients linked to the UUID are the same, if there are differences, the error will be displayed, informing that such UUIDs do not belong to the same client.

If a device in the CSV file has an incorrect data, a window is displayed informing the error and the line where the correction must be made.

Error Import Batch

In order to ensure the completeness of the batch, if any error is detected, the entire batch will be discarded.

Make the indicated corrections and try again. To close this window, click the [] or [] button.

In addition to the validation of the CSV itself, batch provisioning can also be canceled due to errors in the UUID, for more information, see this page.

If all devices are correctly configured, clicking [] will save the settings and a confirmation email will be sent to the address registered in the Blockbit License Portal. You will need to click on the link that will appear in the body of the email to actually start provisioning itself.

The confirmation email sent when authorizing provisioning is shown below:

Batch Provisioning - Confirmation email

From this stage onwards, the process will be identical to the provisioning of a single device being possible to follow the progress in the Provisioning tab of the GSM, in addition, it is also possible to see the progress through the UTM interface itself. For more information, see this page.

After provisioning has been successfully completed, devices will be displayed in the Inventory tab, as shown below:

Devices - Inventory - Provisioned Devices

For more information about the columns on the Provisioning tab, click on this link, regarding Zero Touch Provisioning, see this page.

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