The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT VCM version 1.4.0

Event grouping on Asset Discovery
Event grouping –  based on operating systems, IP addresses, DNS name, NetBIOS name, application and vulnerabilities – has been implemented among the results of Asset Discovery.
Network asset topology discovery
Allows to view the network topology based on information about IP address and subnetwork reported by Asset Discovery.
System Audit Management
A new system audit feature has been implemented. It verifies changes in configurations, access to administration tool, identifying user, date and time of access and actions performed.
Certificate discovery based on Scan
It has been implemented a feature to view all the certificates found in a scan.
Remote logging and automatic submission feature
Allows to send the result logs of a scan to a remote syslog server.
Report Improvements
Improvements were applied to analytical reports containing data, information, indicators and metrics related to security risks. Displays the hosts found, network topology, services, discovered vulnerabilities, platform and vulnerability risk level.
Vulnerability Email Alerts
Allows to send an email alert about the vulnerabilities found by the Scan.
NAT Support on VCM Scanner
Allows to configure VCM Scanner on a network with NAT.
Support for Windows Server 2016
Allows to run Scan in Windows Server 2016 environment.
VCM Scanner Updates through VCM Manager
Allows to update VCM Scanner without direct access to Internet.

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