Release Notes


  • Using the GSM Template Deploy, it is now possible to make the UTM brand customization (favicon, logo, wallpaper and colors);
  • Support for EAP authentication implemented in the IPSEC RAS VPN service;
  • Added an exclusive tab for creating access and session control policies in the authentication service, allowing:
    • Authentication controls: Allow or block access to the condition-based authentication service;
    • Session controls: Set user session parameters.
  • Logging of events based on the action applied by authentication policies;
  • Detection of active sessions outside the hours configured in authentication policies, automatically logging users out;
  • Added CSV authentication log export option;
  • Failback in the SD-WAN service adjustment was implemented, defining how long the system should wait before enabling routing to an interface that had failed;
  • The SD-WAN now monitors the network card, marking the affected link as down and switching to the best link if it detects which card is off.

In addition, the Blockbit Client, the improved and updated version of the Blockbit Agent, was released, check out the news:

  • Import of connection profile automatically at the time of installation;
  • Improvements in connection flow, the VPN application establishes the connection at the public address and establishes Firewall authentication at the virtual address;
  • Configuration of secondary Remote Gateway addresses;
  • Support for static routes configured on the Client;
  • Keepalive support, which discontinues dependence on the UTM notification service;
  • It allows to establish an IPsec VPN connection using the authentication method with Simple Login (Login and Password) or Simple Login with Digital Certificate;
  • Export of VPN connection logs in text file for troubleshooting;
  • Option to activate the VPN split tunneling feature, allowing directing of part of the traffic through the VPN while other applications maintain access on the Internet.

Several features and fixes have been implemented, the list below shows the improvements made in the release of Blockbit UTM 2.0.5:




Correction in limiting the search for users for inclusion in a group


Correction in handling errors in the configuration of VPN tunnels


Correction in the presentation of the Explicit proxy authentication Pop-up


Correction in reconnecting proxy service sockets


Improved system performance when saving reports


Corrections when changing users of a group in Web Filter


Corrections applied to digital certificate files after licensing


Correction applied to the VPN SSL Server database


Correction in the captive portal authentication service


Correction applied in the treatment of administrator users with @domain login


Correction in the inspection of WEB policies with SD-WAN


Fix applied to malware scanning in Threat Protection


Correction applied to policy display orders


Correction in the validation of users in explicit proxy


Correction in Safe Search performance

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