Release Notes

New package inspection flow:

  • Firewall service with full data flow inspection by policy: SSL Inspection, Intrusion Prevention, Threat Protection, Application Control, Web Filter;
  • Port Forwarding service with full data flow inspection by policy: SSL Inspection, Intrusion Prevention, Threat Blocking;
  • Zone Protection service with inspection of data flow integration by policy: Intrusion Prevention, Threat Blocking;
  • Independent Explicit Proxy Service;
  • Policy loading module optimization;
  • Optimization in the policy localization module;
  • Optimization in the traffic routing module by SD-WAN.

New log summarization and processing service:

  • Session logs correlated by unique session id: Firewall, Web Filter, Application Control, Intrusion Prevention, Threat Protection;
  • Optimization in the event summarization process for generating Top Hits and Reports.

Management of multiple independent inspection sensors:

  • Multiple SSL Inspection sensors;
  • Multiple Threat Protection sensors;
  • Multiple Intrusion Prevention sensors;
  • Multiple Application Control sensors;
  • Multiple Web Filter

New centralized dashboard for policy management based on inspection profiles;

New centralized panel for viewing session logs;

New centralized panel for exporting and scheduling reports in multiple formats: HTML, PDF, CSV;

New centralized panel for real-time system monitoring:

  • System Monitor;
  • Service Monitor;
  • Security Monitor;
  • Connection Monitor;
  • Traffic Monitor.

Firewall service improvements:

  • Geolocation access controls (Origin and Destination).

Web Filter service improvements:

  • Access controls on unclassified sites;
  • Custom category management.

Improvements in the Intrusion Prevention service:

  • Blocking quarantined addresses in real time.

Threat Protection service improvements:

  • Policy analysis of malware for protocols: HTTP, SMTP, POP3.

SD-WAN service improvements:

  • Application-based traffic routing by policy;
  • Policy-encrypted traffic routing for protocols: HTTP, SMTP, POP3.

Backup & Restore service improvements:

  • Tool for selective export and import of configurations.
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