New Features:

Support the use of Web Proxy for licensing and updates, providing greater flexibility in the implementation of the product;

Improvements to remote product monitoring by SNMP:

  • Monitoring of DHCP and DHCP6 leases;
  • Monitoring of network summarized traffic throughput;
  • Monitoring of connected users;
  • Monitoring of established connections.

DPI module with support for IPv6 addresses;

Improvements to the Whitelist and Blacklist of the DPI module;

Implementation of Smart Bypass (bypass version 3) support in the DPI module;

CLI commands for Bypass management, being possible to enable, disable and monitor the status of the bypass board;

Improvements in administration and product control during upgrade and update;

Improvements in summarization, dashboards, and reporting of the DPI service;

DPI now supports MPLS for Ethernet protocol;

Optimization of the security policy loading process.

The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.5.5

UTM-122Improvement on the return of the H.A. primary server.
UTM-140Correction applied to the “configure-syslog” CLI command.
UTM-158Correction applied to the notifications display and interface description in SD-WAN.
UTM-159Correction applied to the nomenclature of the backup options.
UTM-288Correction in editing personal information on the authentication portal.
UTM-289Correction applied to the login in the authentication portal using email.
UTM-295Correction applied to blocking subscription groups in the DPI Service.
UTM-301Correction applied in the Threat Protection report.
UTM-302Improvement on the DPI Services settings.
UTM-308Improvement on the default values of SD-WAN performance indicators.
UTM-330Correction applied to SD-WAN IP markup.
UTM-352Correction applied in the text fields on Certificates, in the Authorities tab.
UTM-353Correction applied to the upgrade in the service certificates.
UTM-354Correction on RAS site-to-site IPSEC VPN connections IKEv1.
UTM-370Corrections to the selection, filters and actions of the DPI Services window.
UTM-371Correction applied to the enable and disable function on the Firewall Service.
UTM-386Correction applied to the search system in Dictionaries.
UTM-394Correction to the default value of the number of attempts to reconnect the IPSEC VPN in the event of a fall.
UTM-398Correction in firewall summarization processes.
UTM-403Correction in manual conversion of H.A.
UTM-412Correction in the IP of the interface used during DNAT editing.
UTM-415Correction to the IPSEC Monitor Disconnect Button.
UTM-419Correction applied to the Logger service notifications.
UTM-420Improvements to the IPSEC VPN Service, providing more flexibility in integrating with other market solutions.
UTM-422Correction applied to the editing, activating and deactivating of the LAG interface.
UTM-423Optimization in cluster convergence time.
UTM-427Correction applied in the WEB browsing control without SSL inspection in policies.
UTM-428Correction applied to the UTM log storage.
UTM-429Correction applied to the session logoff.
UTM-430Correction in the management and cleaning of the logs.
UTM-432Correction in the application of SD-WAN functions.
UTM-438Correction in WEB server application on OVAs wizard.
UTM-439Correction in the UTM WEB Proxy.
UTM-440Correction applied to the notifications that are displayed when authentication is performed on the UTM.
UTM-443Correction in the display of the update-system command in the CLI.
UTM-444Correction in SNAT rules.
UTM-448Correction to the DPI Service initialization.
UTM-449Correction in DPI Service preprocessors.
Improvements to changes in DPI service rules.
UTM-454Correction in IPSec VPN event display.
UTM-455Correction on Whitelist and Blacklist of DPI in transparent mode.
UTM-456Correction applied to the HTTP port on Proxy.
UTM-457Correction applied to the DPI configurations.
UTM-461Correction applied to the SD-WAN process interruption.
UTM-462Improvement SD-WAN performance.
UTM-463Improved Global Management performance.
UTM-465Correction in Cluster Slave synchronization.
UTM-467Improvement on the execution time of the fwreload command on the CLI.
UTM-485Correction applied in the reactivation of the Master cluster in H.A.
UTM-486Correction applied to the cluster convergence in H.A.
UTM-493Correction applied in the loading of UTM settings after backup restore.
UTM-510Correction in Dynamic Selection application on the SD-WAN.
UTM-511Correction on activation of services during the reactivation of the Master cluster in H.A.
UTM-513Correction in SD-WAN activation when changing the order of interfaces.
UTM-514Correction in the DHCP-Relay service.
UTM-518Correction in activating the DPI Service signature block.
UTM-525Correction on the temporary IPv4 policies.
UTM-529Correction in the UTM authentication service.
UTM-530Grammar Correction in System Administration.
UTM-532Correction in the SD-WAN.
UTM-533Correction in the WebFilter Service.
UTM-535Correction applied in BLOCKBIT OS memory share.
UTM-536Correction applied to the gsm-deployer service.
Correction in IP and DPI Service settings during migration from UTM 1.5.4 to 1.5.5.
UTM-540Correction on the pre-enabling services after the update.
UTM-545Correction applied to the creation of UTM service certificates.
UTM-547Correction in the application of policies and configurations of device template via GSM in UTM 1.5.5.
UTM-552Correction in the profile exclusion on the DPI Services.
UTM-554Correction in sending the addresses to the DPI Service quarantine.
UTM-557Improvement on the snapshot restoration.
UTM-559Improvement to the notification and e-mail about UTM update status.
UTM-566Improvement access to SSH and Web interface.
UTM-567Correction applied to the system user notification service to improve UTM performance.
UTM-580Correction applied in DPI service memory usage limitation.
UTM-581Correction in the selection of objects used by Port Forwarding.
Correction applied to the upgrade.
UTM-615Correction in deactivating and activating the DPI sensors.
UTM-616Correction on SD-WAN activation after UTM restart.
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