The following table exhibits the improvements made* in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.4.3

BB-3060Correction applied to the “LDAP” authentication system that wasn’t validating without domain information.
BB-12172Correction applied to “WEB” policies in “HTTP” services different from those of standard ports, configured in the “Proxy” module.
BB-12224Improvements made in the summarization of reports of the module “IPS”.
  BB-12230Correction applied to “Live Sessions” “Monitor” for established connections.
BB-12238*Improvements made to a comprehensive inspection of packages, integrating ATP with IPS in the same sensor.
BB-12242 BB-12243Improvements made in BLOCKBIT GSM’s integration API, with support for “Group” synchronisms.
BB-12320Correction applied to changes in the portal settings, in the service responsible for the WEB interface.
BB-12322Correction applied to the summarized “IPS” module that wasn’t generating reports correctly.
BB-12046Correction applied to APP configurations of the “ATP” module when enabling integration with IPS.
BB-12324Correction applied to the exhibition of blocked data in the “ATP” Report.
BB-12330Correction applied to “IPS” initialization when enabled blocked type signatures.
BB-12338Correction applied to changes of the value of the field “Gateway” in the general network settings.
BB-12342Correction applied to the translation of the screen “Multiple Threat Edition” to English.
BB-12349Correction applied to the summarization of the module “IPS”, which was looping.
BB-12353Correction applied to the scanner’s SSL files from the “Antimalware” module.
BB-12393Change applied to the default system security policies for a new default action of the rule.
BB-12396Correction applied to the command “upgrade-blockbit”.
BB-12401Correction applied to the SSO agent installed on the Windows Server 2016 version.
BB-12402Improvements made to the process of securing the communication between the interface and the operating system.
BB-12403Correction applied to restore when storage was configured via “SSH”.

*Firewall system will be reloaded, restarting all active connections.

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