The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.3.9

BB-4243Correction applied to destination IP filter performed on “Live Sessions” monitor.
BB-11012Correction applied on the “ATP” “Report” view, in the cases no no threat was detected.
BB-11014Correction applied on the “ATP” “Report” view for locked applications.
BB-11347Correction applied on the “Antimalware” “Report” view and data displayed on quarantine.
BB-11378Correction applied to access to “Captive Portal” via Android “OS”.
BB-11379Correction applied in the operating system logs rotation.
BB-11465Enhancements applied to the “ATP” application base.
BB-11487Correction applied to the download of a Certificate Authority (C.A.) through user portal.
BB-11507Correction applied on the user portal to remove files blocked by Antimalware.
BB-11508Correction applied on “Multilink” service when a virtual network card is set up.
BB-11522Correction applied to firewall reports maintenance.
BB-11527Correction applied to set the “Multilink” service up on a H.A. environment.
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