The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.3.7

BB-3716Correction applied to the Command Line Interface – CLI console’s “tcptrack” command.
BB-3961Correction applied to the dictionary object search in field the “SSL Comon Name” during registration of a policy.
BB- 4008Correction applied to Web Filter log summarization, optimizing the use of the resource.
BB-4121Correction applied to the Command Line Interface – CLI console’s commands “debug-auth” and “debug-dhcp”.
BB-4286Correction applied on “(DNAT) Redirects” to edit a rule, preventing that the  field “Source” is removed during saving.
BB-10882Correction applied to remote certificates service. During importation, access to the “Captive Portal” page and “Web Filter” block screen was compromised.
BB-10927Enhancements applied to the “Antimalware” service, to optimize the use of hardware resources.
BB-10953Correction applied to the “Multilink” service. The registration of the object with test addresses was configured with FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) addresses.
BB-10990Correction applied on the access control settings for “Google Domains” at “Web Filter”, when restricting access by users.
BB-11006Correction applied to the report filling process of the ATP service.
BB-11143Correction applied to the update process “IPS” and “ATP” bases when the license expired.
BB-11155Correction applied to enable new “IPS” signatures. It was not loading correctly when applied on the system.
BB-11226Correction applied to the WEB policies validation – control by Content-type.
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