The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT UTM version 1.3.11

BB-3500Correction applied to the interface with security validations.
BB-3774Correction applied to the “PROXY” service when SSL Inspection is enabled for government sites.
BB-3822Correction applied to the “TIMELINE” Report, which did not display the data correctly.
  BB-11301Correction applied to the field “Description” of the policy, which did not display data when the report was generated from the policy description.
BB-11576Correction applied to the SSO agent when installed on Windows server 2016.
BB-11951Correction applied to the “SIP” module when automatically loaded.
BB-11979Correction applied to the Monitor “Antimalware Quarantine”, which did not display all quarantine data.
BB-12040Correction applied to the pagination at the “Active Directory” query for “Windows” and “LDAP” synchronizations.
BB-12046Correction applied to the pagination at the “Active Directory” query for “Windows” and “LDAP” synchronizations.
BB-12068Correction applied to the details of the view by application in the “TIMELINE” report.
BB-12139Correction applied to validation of  the authentication sessions on the SSO agent.
BB-12144Correction applied in the process of activating the Master server as active in the service H.A.
BB-12148Correction applied to the OS in the process of capture, filtering and analysis of packets.
BB-12373Correction applied in the initialization process of the “Antimalware” service.
BB-12374Correction applied to the “DNAT” registration form, whose response was “Invalid Field”.
BB-12375Correction applied to the “IPS/ATP” module, which failed after system reboot.
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