This item allows you to customize the block page that is returned to network users regarding “Unauthorized” access to Web traffic (intercepted by the proxy).

To configure the block page, click on "Settings".

Settings tab

The “Customize Blocking Page” panel will appear, as shown by the image below:


Web Filter - Settings

It is possible to change the “Logo” and reset the “Blocking message”:

  • New logo: It is possible to select a new logo for the lock screen. To upload an image, just click on [], after uploading the image, to preview it, click on Preview File [finally, if you want to remove it click on Remove File [];
  • Blocking message: You can customize the blocking message that is returned to the client;
  • Hostname: It allows defining which Hostname will be used;
  • Redirect to external pageYou can redirect traffic to an external block page.

Customize blocking page - Example

 For cases of unauthorized WEB access attempts, that is, defined through security policies with the “Block” action selected, the system will return to the “Block” screen, with the message specified in the settings above.

To save all changes, click [].

Saved Successfully

After saving, for the settings to take effect it will be necessary to access the command queue [] and apply the changes made. For more information on the command queue access the page: UTM - Command queue.

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