Next, we will explain each column of the Zone Protection tab:

Zone Protection

  • Select []: Allows you to select a Firewall policy;
  • Move[]: Allows you to move the Firewall policy and determine its priority, the topmost rule will have higher priority;
  • Description: Displays the description of the policy that was added in Zone Protection - Add button;
  • Service: Determines which service is used by the Firewall policy;
  • ZoneDisplays the zone registered in Zone Protection - Add button, by default, can be LAN, WAN or DMZ
  • Action: Displays what action the policy will take[][] or [];
  • Authenticated: Determines whether authentication is required or not, if required, this icon [will be displayed;
  • Inspection: Displays if the policy has enabled Intrusion Prevention [], Threat Blocking [] or Log [];
  • Actions MenuIt provides the following essential actions:
    • Enable[]/Disable[]: Allows you to enable or disable a Firewall policy;
    • Edit[]: Allows you to edit the settings of the interface added in Zone Protection - Add button;
    • Delete[]: Allows you to remove one of the items.
    • Clone []: Allows you to clone an item.
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