Blockbit UTM enables protection for internal network segments or for external environments, such as edge perimeters, data centers, hybrid networks and cloud applications.

Blockbit UTM was designed to protect your organization's confidential information through security controls used to prevent the intrusion of malicious programs on the network.

These controls contain permissions to access services and ports, which by default are configured to prohibit all security parameters and connections, integrated with security policies, SSL interception, packet filters and NAT.

The Firewall operates in "Stateful" mode and has tools that parameterize the "Security Levels" and "Control of connections", in addition to the "Packet Filters" and "Redirection - DNAT" policies.

The service is pre-configured to allow access to local Blockbit UTM services.

To access this screen, just select the option “Firewall”.

Services - Firewall

The screen below will appear:


The Firewall screen has the following tabs:

Next we will analyze the components of the Zone Protection tab.

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