Blockbit UTM provides a Command Line Interface - CLI console feature, which allows the administrator to execute administrative and troubleshooting commands for the main system services. To perform the configuration, an SSH client and Console are required. The minimum recommended applications are:

  • PUTTY;
  • CygWin;
  • Mobaxterm.

Next we will present step by step how to access the Blockbit UTM CLI console:

  1. Check that the access device has a recommended SSH client already installed. In this case, we will exemplify the process using the “PUTTY” application;
  2. Access the SSH console and fill in the fields:
  • Host Name (or IP Address): Enter the IP address of the Blockbit UTM. Ex.:;

PuTTY Configuration

  • Click the “Open” button.

3. The console will be displayed, prompting for user and password;

In "login as:" type the user admin
and press "Enter".

The image below shows the commands of the main system services.

Blockbit UTM – Command Line Interface

Next, we'll introduce each command: