Through this tab, it is possible to configure entry policies for Blockbit UTM local ports and services when it requires a specific access policy.

By default, Zone Protection policies are characterized by an access profile, a "network zone" and the "Actions" for handling the packet that even allow "Inspecting" traffic from [Inbound].

Zone Protection policies deal with “Inbound” packets by conditional analysis that includes: “Network zone”, “Source IP”, “Destination IP”, with addressing support [IPv4 / IPv6], “time” and “ Authentication by users and groups ”, are registered by“ Priority ”and support“ Reordering ”.

Entry policies of the “Zone Protection” type significantly increase the degree of security in accessing the services of the Blockbit UTM device.

To open the "Zone Protection" screen, simply select the "Firewall" option in the vertical menu on the left.

If the tab is not selected, click on "Zone Protection".

Zone Protection tab

The “Zone Protection” screen will appear, as shown by the image below:


Zone Protection

The Zone Protection area has a search bar that allows the location of objects and contant inside these objects.

This session will cover:

  • Create, Editing and Removal of Zone Protection firewall policy;
  • Activation and Deactivation;
  • Examples of registration.

Next, we'll look at the functions located at the top of this panel.

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