When executing commands between the Frontend interfaces and the system's Backend services, all these instructions are ordered according to priority by the command queue, making sure that the settings are applied in the correct order.

To view the command queue, just click on the icon located at the top right of the screen, next to the user menu:

Command queue

This section will demonstrate how to apply commands and changes made to Blockbit UTM.

If the execution of any command is pending in the command queue, the icon will denote this showing with a red mark the amount of commands waiting:

Icon indicating pending commands

It is important to note that: The command queue always considers the last change made. Therefore, if you have regretted any configuration, just redo it and apply the command queue.

When clicking on the icon, a screen will appear listing everything that needs to be applied, as shown below:

Pending command queue

In this queue, the path to the command, its current status, the progress bar until its completion is displayed and finally, the apply button to execute all the commands in this list.

To apply all commands, just click on the [] button, the process will start, as exemplified by the image below:

Command queue in progress

At the end of this process or if there is no command to be applied, the list will be displayed in white:

Idle Command Line

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