Through the option “Create Profile” it is possible to create a new SD-WAN profile. To access, click on the Actions menu [].

1. Click on the “Create Profile” option;

SD-WAN - Create Profile

2. The “Create Profile SDWAN” screen will be displayed. Fill it with the following data:

  • Name: Profile name. Ex.: Load Balance;
  • Description: Profile description. Ex.: SD-WAN - Load Balance;
  • Version: Defines the version that will be used in the profile. It is important that the version is the same as the UTM's;

    ATTENTION: If the version of the profile is different from that of the UTM, they will not be compatible.

            Always create profiles with the same version of the UTMs to which they will be applied.

SD-WAN  Create an SD-WAN Profile

If you want to cancel click on the [] button. To complete the creation of the policy package click on the [] button.

The profile has been successfully saved.

Now, we will look at how to Clone a Profile.

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