The Zero Touch Provisioning feature has the function of facilitating and speeding up the implementation of new Blockbit UTM to be managed by GSM. This functionality automates the process of installing and configuring new appliances, requiring only a valid connection to be made available during the first access. 

After making the addition and connection of the appliance, when turning it on for the first time, the UTM will be installed, all settings of the UTM installation wizard will be detected and carried out automatically, the certificate will be valid, any device template that has been configured will be implemented and any policy package that has been pre-configured will be applied automatically.

Through Zero Touch Provisioning the operational cost, technical level and the possibility of human error are drastically reduced, since at the physical point of the network it is not necessary to do anything more than just connect the appliance and turn it on.

It is possible to provision a specific device and also a batch of multiple devices.

To access the Provisioning screen, click on the tab as shown below.

Provisioning tab

The Provisioning screen will be displayed. It consists of the columns: “Name”, “Identification”, “Progress”, “Status”, “Connected” and “Actions”. In addition, the search bar is located at the top of the screen and in the upper right corner of the screen is the actions menu.

The screen below will be displayed:

Devices - Provisioning

This section will demonstrate:

Next, we'll look at the functions at the top of this table.

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