In this session it is possible to create profiles for the UTM Web Filter, Application Control, Threat Protection, Intrusion Prevention, SSL Inspection and SD-WAN services.

The main function of these profiles is to make it possible to administer the services previously mentioned on all connected devices through a single central point.

For more information on each configuration, refer to the Blockbit UTM manual.

To apply the profiles created in this session, access the Device template of a UTM 2.0 and after clicking on the [] button, enable the desired modules, done that, access the module, click on the actions menu [] button, create a service and in the "profile" field select the profile that was created in this session. For more information, visit Device template.

The profiles created in this tab cannot be applied to UTM version 1.5 or earlier.

In these cases, during the process of creating a device template 1.5 it will be necessary to create the profile functions, directly in the template itself.

For more information access Templates - Menu de ações - Create Template.

To access the screen, just select the “Profiles” button.

Management – Profiles

The screen below will appear:

Profiles – Web Filter

The Profiles screen has the following tabs:

Next, the components of the Web Filter will be analyzed.

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