Here we have band management and traffic control, the integration of this service is fundamental in the treatment and prioritization of network services. It has the purpose of allowing and specializing networks in order to significantly improve connection quality.

Traffic Shaping Specifications and Features:

  • Priority queue control;
  • Maximum speed control and guaranteed speed amount per priority level (configurable item);
  • Enabling speed control allowing specifying the bandwidth or downstream (download) and upstream (upload) speed of each interface.

The service is pre-configured with 5 (five) priority levels defined by the system:

  • Very High;
  • High;
  • Medium;
  • Low;
  • Very Low.

For enabling and configuring access the Dynamic Routing tab.

Traffic Shaping tab

The screen shown by the image below will appear:

Traffic Shaping

This section will cover:

Next, we will analyze the panels on this screen.

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