In this tab, the fields that are related to the Windows AD server administration credentials are configured.

In the [Settings] tab, the administrator can change the basic system parameters defined in the Configuration Wizard.

If the tab is not selected, click on the "Settings" tab:

Settings tab

The screen will appear, as shown by the image below:

Network - Settings

This panel consists of three action buttons and the following fields:

When configuring the NTP Server field: It is suggested to use the national NTP Server as

  • Description: Defines a description for the UTM. Ex.: Blockbit UTM;
  • Language: Sets the interface language; Supported languages: English and Portuguese. Ex.: English;
  • Timezone: Sets the time zone. Ex.: America/New_York;
  • NTP Server: Defines the NTP Server. Ex.:,,,;
  • Hostname: Defines the name for the server. Ex.:;
  • DNS Suffix: Defines the suffix for the server. Ex.:;
  • DNS server 1: Sets the IP of the primary DNS server. Ex.:;
  • DNS server 2: Defines the IP of the secondary DNS server, this field is optional;
  • Gateway: Defines the system gateway. Ex.:

At the end of the settings click on the [] button and apply in the action queue [] .

In addition, at the top right of the form you will find 3 icons, for more information visit this page.

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