Many routing concepts apply to static routing. However, without understanding these basic concepts, it is difficult to understand the more complex dynamic advanced routing.

The dynamic routing protocol is capable of balancing packets of the same flow between multiple links simultaneously. Unlike static routing, it acts in reaction to damage to the structure of the logical network seeking the best routes, according to their availability, allowing the availability of the maximum valid routes in the event of any eventuality.

This chapter of the document is not intended to cover the “Advanced features of dynamic routing”, it only aims to present which protocols are supported by Blockbit UTMFor more information regarding “dynamic routing” and each supported protocol, the administrator should look for complementary documentation, for his knowledge and technical improvement.

Click on the Dynamic Routing tab.

Dynamic Routing tab

The “Dynamic Routing” screen will appear, as shown by the image below:

Dynamic Routing

Blockbit UTM offers dynamic routing with support for protocols:

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