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Below we will explain each column of the Interfaces tab:


  • Select []: Allows you to select an Interface;
  • Interface: Displays the interface, in addition, when placing the mouse under the [] icon, the description of the interface will be displayed in a drop-down menu;
  • Address: Displays addresses for the interface;
  • Gateway: Displays the registered interface gateway;
  • TypeDisplays the type of interface, can be physical (represents physical ethernet interfaces), Virtual, VLAN, DSL, Aggregation (represents LAG interfaces), Bridge and Tunnel;
  • Zone: Displays the registered zone, by default, it can be LAN, WAN or DMZ;
  • Actions: Provides the following essential actions:
    • Enable[]/Disable[]: Allows you to enable or disable the interface; 
    • Edit[]: It allows to edit the settings of the interface added in the Interface Add Button;
    • Delete[]: Allows you to remove an interface, it is equivalent to the Remove option in the actions menu.
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