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Having access to the interface, enter the System option and select the License option.

System Menu - License Option

Select the Updates tab, as shown by the image below:

License - Updates

Access the Update panel, as shown below:

License - Updates - Panel 

To perform the update, click on the [], the following window will be displayed:

Update system?

Click on the [] button. In the command line [] click on [] to perform the update.

After performing the update, enter the Dashboard option and select the System option.

Dashboard Menu - System Option

Access the Information panel, as shown below:

System - Information

In the “version” field, make sure that the version is BLOCKBIT UTM 1.5.9 build 20031200 or higher.

After performing the steps previously mentioned, the update via the WEB interface will have been successfully performed. Next we will analyze how to create a Snapshot.

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