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To use the features of Blockbit UTM it is necessary to license your installation, follow the steps below:

In order to license Blockbit Network Security, it is necessary to be connected to the internet and with access to Port 443 without a proxy to the following addresses:

To apply or renew the activation license it is necessary to provide the UUID - Universal Unique Indicator of your Blockbit UTM.

  1. To view the UUID of your device, access the Settings menu, on the System tab:


  • The License Information widget will inform the Serial Number (or UUID): Ex.: 564D539F-DE39-F996-7A1D-6001D6FE130B.

You can also find out the UUID using the "show-uuid" command on the console. For more information check this page: [show-uuid].

  • Copy the UUID and forward it to your service channel, so that your license number is provided;
  • You will receive the license number code from your service channel. Ex.: D845-61F9-9CBA-8145.

2. Click on [], the screen below will be displayed:

Update License

  • Serial Number: Enter the license number in this field. Ex.: D845-61F9-9CBA-8145;
  • After that click on the [] button, the screen below will be displayed.

Update License - Inactive

After saving the license, the request will be sent to a command queue where it can be applied on the system. To access the command queue, click []. The screen below shows the command queue waiting to be executed;

Apply queue

  • After clicking [], wait for the system to apply the settings for product licensing. As shown below:

Update License - Active

This concludes the product licensing.

In the next chapter we will deal with the Import process.

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