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To perform the installation it will be necessary to access the BIOS, in order to make some settings on the appliance, the importance of which is to enable access to the pendrive recorded with the installation image.

On the BB 10000 model, the BIOS is displayed on the console, so there is no need to use a monitor and keyboard.

Here is the step by step how to install via USB stick:

1. Connect the installation stick to the USB port on the appliance;

Installation USB

2. Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet and press the “del” key repeatedly until the BIOS is displayed on the monitor;

Installation - BIOS initial screen

3. Access the "Boot" tab, select "Boot Option # 1" and change to the installation pendrive, as shown in the image below;

Installation - Boot Option # 1

4. Also, select “Boot Option # 2” and change to “P0: Hoodisk SSD”;

Installation - Boot Option # 2

5. In the “Save & Exit” tab, select the option “Save Changes and Reset”, when the message asking to exit and save appears, select [Yes];

Save Configuration and reset

6. The first phase of the installation should start automatically, just wait until the appliance turns itself off. When all the LEDs have gone out, remove the flash drive and turn the appliance on again;

Installation phase 1

7. The second phase will also start automatically, wait until the installation is complete.

Installation phase 2

This concludes the installation process of the model BB 10000, then consult the settings that must be made at the first access.

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