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This section will introduce how to configure the Blockbit UTM Installation Wizard.

The installation process and the correct completion of all fields required by the form will be presented below.

Installing the Blockbit UTM

To install Blockbit UTM, follow these steps:

  1. Connect to your internet browser and access the address: If you have changed the IP address, use the changed IP;

Installation Wizard

     2. Enter the following data in the "Server settings" frame, for the initial network settings of the Blockbit UTM:

  • Description: Field to describe the server name. Ex.: Blockbit UTM;
  • Language: Select the default language. Ex.: English;
  • Time Zone: Select the time zone your business is in. Ex.: America/New York;
  • NTP Server: Set the clock synchronization server. Ex.:;
  • Hostname: It can be anyone as long as it complies with FQDN - Fully Qualified Domain Name. Ex.:;
  • DNS suffix: Network domain. Ex.:;
  • DNS server 1: Set the network or internet DNS server. Ex.:;
  • DNS server 2: Set the secondary DNS for your network or the internet;
  • Gateway: Set the default network route. Ex.:;
  • Integrity key: System integrity key, used in the backup file encryption process. This field is automatically generated.

     3. Enter the following data in the "Certificate" frame, this information will be used to create the SSL certificate in the administration console of Blockbit UTM:

  • Country: Set the country. Ex.: US;
  • State: Set the state. Ex.: New York;
  • City: Define the city. Ex.: New York;
  • Organization: Set your company name. Ex.:Blockbit;
  • E-mail: Set the administrator email. Ex.:;
  • Organizational Unit: Define the department. Ex.: QA;
  • Expires (years): Set the certificate validity time. Ex.: 10 years;
  • Hostname: Set the FQDN for the certificate. Ex.:

     4. Enter the following data in the "Authentication" frame, define the default local domain for authentication of Blockbit UTM users.

  • Default domain: Set the default authentication domain. Ex.:

     5. Enter the following data in the "Administration" frame, the password for the "admin" user of the Blockbit UTM administration console:

  • Admin user password: Enter a password of at least eight characters. The password must contain uppercase, lowercase letters and special characters. Ex.: q1W@e3R$;
  • Confirmation Save: Confirm the password entered above.

     6. Click the "Save" button. The screen below will be displayed asking for confirmation, when clicking "ok" the system will apply the settings and will be restarted.

Installation Wizard - Form

  • Click the "OK" button. The system will apply the settings and be rebooted.

After completing these steps, the Installation Wizard will have been successfully completed.
Wait for initialization, the browser will AUTO-REFRESH the address of access to the WEB interface and return to the login interface.

Blockbit UTM administration LOGON screen

We will continue accessing the web interface.

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