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The initiation process presented below is the same for both Hardware Appliances and Virtual Appliances.
There is no need to perform any steps, just wait until the login screen is released, as shown by the image below:

Login screen – Blockbit UTM

You will now need to configure the IP. To do so, perform the following steps:

  1. Localhost login: Log in through the CLI console;
  2. After performing the Authentication in the CLI console, fill in the following fields:
  • Login: admin
  • Pass: admin

It is highly recommended to change the default password for the "admin" console user. To change the default password, it is necessary to create a secure password. This password must contain at least 8 characters with upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters.

To change the password, type the command below:

Enter the passwd command and type "Enter".
Enter the current password and type "Enter".
Enter the new password and confirm it.

After performing this procedure the password will have been successfully changed.

      3. Change the IP address of the Blockbit UTM;

The default IP address for Blockbit Network Security is This IP is used on the eth1 port. In this guide we will use the IP address as an example. If you want to change, follow the steps below:

Configuration details:

Default Gateway:

If you need to check your appliance's UUID, enter the command [show-uuid].

In old versions of UTM, the management interface was eth0, as of UTM 2.0 this interface is used for Zero Touch Provisioning, for more information, check the GSM manual. With this in mind:

Eth0 is the main interface, it is a dynamic WAN interface, used for internet access and device provisioning.

Eth1 is the management interface with the default IP for UTM configuration, it will be configured below.

Enter the commands:

Ifconfig eth1, and type "Enter".
route add default gw, and type "Enter".

After performing this procedure, the IP address will have been changed.
With the command below it is also possible to edit the IP address of the Blockbit UTM:

Enter the command blockbit> changeip.
Type "Enter".

Then see how to configure the exception in the browser of your choice in order to facilitate access.

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