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First, make sure that the logged in user has super user permissions. To perform the export, enter the System option and select the Backups option.

System Menu - Backups Option

The Backups tab will automatically be selected, access the Settings panel:

Backups - Settings

When you click on [], the “Settings exporter” window will appear, select the items that want to export, as shown below:

Settings Exporter

As shown in the image above, it is recommended that all items are exported.

Note that the following data will NOT be imported:

  • Network settings (Settings tab);
  • Personal information (in System, option Authentication, in the Portal tab);
  • GSM settings;
  • Notification Settings;
  • Dynamic routing settings;
  • Deep Inspection settings;
  • Antimalware settings;
  • Empty IPv6 configurations;
  • Session management with UTM default values;
  • Backup and Storage Settings;
  • Scheduled or automatic update settings;
  • H.A. settings;
  • IPSEC VPN Failover Settings;
  • IPS settings.

To start exporting, click on [].

The system will generate a “JSON” extension file. Disable the browser pop-up blocker if it blocks the download.

ATTENTION: The “JSON” extension file contains sensitive sensitive information. It is the administrator's responsibility to ensure the protection and non-distribution of this file, in order to maintain confidentiality and ensure the confidentiality of this data.

When downloading the file, be sure to save it in a safe place.

The file will contain the password of the administrator users, it is highly recommended to change the password. The file also contains the passwords of local authentication users, but they will be required to register a new one when they log in for the first time.

Passwords are encrypted in a hash format.

After performing the steps previously mentioned, the export will have been successful. Next, we will analyze the necessary requirements to perform an import.

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