To carry out the validation, we will access the UTM A CLI and run some commands, if you need more information about this, see this page.

One of the simplest tests to validate the operation of the routes is to ping UTM A ( to UTM B ( and check for an answer, as shown in the image below:

CLI - Validation of communication with UTM B by Ping

In addition, if you want to list all the routes that UTM A is currently using, just run the ip route list command and check if the created routes were listed:

CLI - ip route list do UTM A

It is also possible to carry out these same steps at the other end, following a demonstration using the ping command to verify communication with UTM A:

CLI - Validation of communication with UTM A by Ping

And finally, listing the UTM B routes through the ip route list:

CLI - ip route list do UTM B

This concludes the demonstration, for more information on Static Routing, see this page.

If you want to see more details about the columns on the Static Routing tab, visit this page.

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