To configure DHCP servers, select the correct tab:

Server tab

The following screen will appear, as shown by the image below:

DHCP - Server

To add a DHCP policy, click [], and select a Device for distributing IP addresses on the network. Please note that the default type will be IPv4.

DHCP - Server - Edit Host

After finishing the settings, click the [] button.

After saving the selection of the Device for distribution of IP addresses, the system returns the interface for configuring DHCP parameters.

DHCP Server

The DHCP server is responsible for distributing IP addresses and network configurations to your corporate environment. It is an efficient solution since, through it, the BLOCKBIT UTM device distributes IP addresses as the network devices request a connection. It is important to note that, in addition to the IP address, it assigns other parameters, such as: host name, DNS and default route.

This tab consists on the following sections:

Next, we will analyze each one of these.

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