Release Notes


  • New SSL VPN active connections monitor;
  • New IPSEC VPN active connections monitor;
  • New SSL VPN connection logs viewer;
  • New IPSEC VPN connection log viewer;
  • Exporter for SSL VPN logs to CSV;
  • Exporter for IPSEC VPN logs to CSV;
  • Exporter for VPN Traffic reports to PDF;
  • New VPN Traffic report (daily and monthly):
    • Total traffic sent and received per connection;
    • Total time per connection;
    • Total hourly active users;
    • Top Site-to-Site connections (by traffic);
    • Top remote access users (by traffic);
  • New command to monitor SSL VPN connections.

VPNs will be restarted in the bugfix application.

Several features and fixes have been implemented, the list below shows the improvements made in the release of Blockbit UTM 1.5.11:




Correction in the display of the SSL VPN module.

UTM-813Correction applied to NFS storage.
UTM-923Improvement in the process of establishing SSL VPN tunnels.
UTM-1324Correction of the SSL VPN service status.
UTM-1678Correction applied to the search field in policies.
UTM-1756Correction in the display of VPNs in Live Sessions.
UTM-1767Correction in the ordering of fiber optic interfaces in the installation process.
UTM-1816Correction in the display of IPs in the IPSec Live Session window.
UTM-1820Improved VPN authentication: It is now possible to authenticate using email.

Correction applied to the Failover configuration in IPsec VPN.

UTM-1890Improved download speed for PPPOE links.
UTM-1892Correction applied to the settings transferred in the import process.
UTM-1894Correction in the use of times objects in policies.
UTM-1907Correction in the automatic use of firewall parameters when restarting the system.
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