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The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.3.0

SMX-1Correction applied to the NFS sharing, avoiding loss of emails.
SMX-8Improvement on summarization and insertion of BLOCKBIT SMX reports.
SMX-9Correction on the creation of reports that were generating data for syslog without being configured.
SMX-10Correction in quota exceeded message.
SMX-11Correction on the certificate when validating access to the BLOCKBIT SMX admin interface through Google Chrome browser.
SMX-13Correction on the maintenance of emails deleted from the system.
SMX-14Correction in the exhibition of detailed results in Policy, located in Dashboard Security Information.
SMX-15Correction when importing certificates containing “*” in CN.
SMX-16Correction in the synchronization notification of new email accounts.
SMX-17New feature to set limits for authentication attempts on the firewall.
SMX-19Correction on the rule to copy email with SMTP redirection configuration to another mail server.
SMX-20Correction in the information dashboard of the emails.
SMX-21Correction in the e-mail form.
BB-2Correction applied in the export interface to CSV file, the exported reports were empty.
BB-3Correction to the automatic “WhiteList” feature, the emails from recipients sent from the internal domain are automatically added to the sender’s trusted email list.
BB-4New feature: During the treatment of trusted addresses and spam in emails, the “From” field and/or “Return-path” field are validated by the system.
BB-5Correction to the folder of trusted emails and spam, supporting the removal of records from these folders.
BB-6Correction to the interface on the button to remove mail servers (node).
BB-7Correction for the access to the portal via IOS device on Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.
BB-12New feature: Support on enabling/disabling reverse DNS checking.
BB-18New feature: Senders who use Microsoft Exchange integration environments now have an automatic listing condition for trusted email addresses and spam.
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