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The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.3

BB-3879Improvement applied in the timezone ordering at the System Instalation Wizard and in the device configurations.
BB-3879Corrections in the synchronization scheduling settings for users and groups.
BB-3891Correction applied to the “Storage” interface. The NFS service did not respond with timeout information during access.
BB-3985Improvements made in the content of the restore notification (in english).
BB-3987Correction applied in standard policy “Scores +20 messages with bad reputation” in the condition “Sender in whitelist”.
BB-3988Correction applied to the CLI interface’s command “fwrecovery”, allowing full access to the system.
BB-4005Correction applied to the “Backup” interface, which crashed after deleting a backup file.
BB- 4027Correction applied to the network interface settings, which listed interfaces in no order.
BB- 4249Correction applied to the registration of accounts of type “Remote”, which could be registered as domain.
BB- 4253Correction applied to the connection settings of the backend interface.
BB-4266Correction applied to the action “Resend and Add to Trusted List” in the user portal, which was adding to the Trusted Global list.
BB-10965Correction applied in the login field of the user portal for case sensitive checking.
BB- 11030Correction applied to the action “Delete and Add to Spam” in the user portal, which was adding blank content.
BB- 11212Correction applied to the action “Resend” in the user portal, to e-mail in the quarantine that were lost.
BB- 11369Correction applied to the “Storage” settings in the ” DISCO ” type storage description.
BB- 11404Correction applied to the report management system that did not remove old data.
BB- 11410Correction applied to the compliance rule, which did not allow redirection from an internal server to a port other than the “SMTP” defaults.
BB- 11532Correction applied in the blocking message, which deconfigured in accented texts.
BB- 11565Correction applied in the Dashboard, which did not display users’ emails in the “Inbox” field.
BB- 12236Correction applied to the CLI console, which had no option to auto complete configured commands.
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