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The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.2

BB-11955Correction applied to the system backup restore.
BB-11551Correction applied to the delivery of quarantine summary.
BB-11407Correction applied to the creation of local users whenever there is domain integration.
BB-11405Correction applied to the creation of inboxes for local users.
BB-11015Correction applied to the User portal. User password could not be changed if authentication was integrated with the Active Directory domain.
BB-10998Correction applied to the exhibition of automatic update scheduling.
BB-10964Correction applied to account registration, because it allowed to create remote e-mail addresses to local domains.
BB-10941Correction applied to the dashboard, because it was displaying no information during a search entry.
BB-4242Correction applied to the commands service-stop and service-start, that weren’t stopping/starting certain services through the CLI.
BB-4228Correction applied to the Data backup process that wasn’t will work incrementally.
BB-4024Correction applied to the user synchronization. It allowed to use the same domain to both types of possible integration (Windows and LDAP).
BB-4015Correction applied to the Command tcptrack for it couldn’t be performed on the CLI.
BB-4013Correction applied to the Command ethtool for it couldn’t be performed on the CLI.
BB-4006Correction applied to the Inbox maintenance process that used to execute promptly, not respecting schedule.
BB-3875Correction applied to user synchronization, since the Inclusion of members in groups was not happening in the first synchronization.
BB-3862Correction applied to the Change of LAN network interfaces that resulted in interruption of the connection with the database.
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