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The following table exhibits the improvements made in the release of BLOCKBIT SMX version 1.2.1

BB-3145Corrected the e-mail “Accounts” search form.
BB-3188Corrected the visualization of the field “Subject” – when coding is in ISO 8859-1 format in the user quarantine portal and in the administration interface.
BB-3194Corrected the process of applying mount point settings in the system’s “Archive”.
BB-3227Corrected the form of e-mail “Accounts”. It didn’t display the size of mailboxes when configured on USB mount point.
BB-3228Corrected validations in the e-mails “Lists” registration form.
BB-3232Corrected e-mail “Accounts” synchronization settings.
BB-3263Corrected mailbox restore process, when storage is external.
BB-3264Corrected the system parameter that controls CLI interface access connections.
BB-3268Corrected the quarantine form. By adding an email in the global whitelist it used to redirect to the user’s whitelist.
BB-3289Corrected the filling of detailed report. It was not available for download in the administration interface.
BB-3299Corrected e-mails classified as “user unknown”. Those were being summarized as delivered in the “Dashboard”.
BB-3653Corrected e-mails classified as “user unknown”. Those were being summarized as delivered in the “Dashboard”.
BB-3876Corrected the summarization of e-mails displayed as delivered in the administration interface.
BB-3877Corrected the filling of detailed monthly report. It was not displaying data in the administration interface.
BB-3884Corrected the backup process when e-mail storage is external.
BB-3889Corrected the synchronization process of e-mail accounts whenever there is more than one domain with synchronization set.
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