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Looking to know more about your product? Here you will find all the technical specifications of the Blockbit products, changelogs, how tos and support guides, in addition to having in-depth information in our Administrator's Guides.

NGFW - Next Generation Firewall

NGFW simplifies the administration of your network, increases the performance of your resources and raises the security level of your data, which guarantees high performance and advanced technologies against various malicious techniques and digital threats, in addition to having the best cost-benefit ratio.


GSM - Global Security Management

Network administrators will find it simpler to group devices and users into templates to assess traffic, deploy the same configuration to any security control on the platform, Firewall, IPS, Secure Web Gateway, Advanced Threat Protection, VPN, SD-WAN among others.

Blockbit Cloud Manager

The Blockbit Cloud Manager helps manage customer and partner devices in a practical and secure way. Allows maximum centralized management, performance and availability in a Cloud solution. 


Blockbit ATP Sandbox

The Blockbit ATP Sandbox works...


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    Blockbit UTM - How to: Import and Export UTM 1.5 to UTM 2.0 (Resource Center - EN/US)

    Thank you for choosing Blockbit.

    In this document we will discuss how to perform the export and import process from UTM 1.5 to UTM 2.0

    After reading and applying the steps in this Tutorial you will be able to export your Blockbit UTM data to the most updated version with ease and security.

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    Interfaces - 3G / 4G / LTE connection (Resource Center - EN/US)

    In view of the importance of keeping the network always available and operational efficiency, some Blockbit appliances have built-in 3G / 4G / LTE module, providing connectivity to the mobile network infrastructure and allowing compatible appliances to have access. This solution is particularly useful in operations established in regions with unstable network performance, the feature aims to be used as a cost-effective alternative or also serving as a contingency network to guarantee availability in case of any unforeseen or bottleneck in the network.

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    Provisioning - Actions menu - Create Device (Resource Center - EN/US)

    To perform Zero Touch provisioning, the device must be properly licensed, the license is always linked to a company's e-mail and to a UUID, this step is essential because the approval and confirmation of the provisioning is sent by e-mail, in addition because all provisioning is tied to the UUID of an appliance.

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    UTM - Services - SD-WAN (Resource Center - EN/US)

    The Blockbit UTM contemplates multiple internet links, being able to segment and prioritize traffic through network interfaces according to the data obtained by monitoring various performance indicators, allowing traffic to be routed through the interfaces configured through the best path available, this benefit is obtained through the SD-WAN.

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